LDOE Scores are in! (click here for more details)

GREAT NEWS!!!!  We have received our results from LDOE regarding SPS and DPS and we are PROUD of our students and staff for their achievements!
  1. Cameron Parish School System ranks 5th in the state regarding District Performance Scores  
  2. Grand Lake High School, Grand Lake Elementary, South Cameron High School, Johnson Bayou High School, and Hackberry High School were all recognized as Top Gains Schools  
  3. Grand Lake High School is an opportunity honoree
  4. Cameron Parish ranked 1st in the state in regards to Early Childhood Network Performance Rating with a score of 6.25
  5. Cameron Parish Special Education ranks 7th in the state for growth with a 3% overall gain
Our students, support staff, teachers, school leaders, and supervisors work extremely hard everyday to ensure student success and growth remains a top priority.  With all the negativity surrounding public education today, it sure is nice to see all their hard work pay off!
Great job everyone!

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