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Gearing Up For Summer Learning

The Cameron Parish Summer School Program will begin on Monday, June 3rd and end on Tuesday, June 18th (includes Fridays). The program will include 12 days of intensive remediation. The program's hours will be from 8:00 – 12:00 daily. As soon as data is available, parents and/or guardians of students that will be required to attend will be notified.

Delayed Start to School Information

Below are details regarding a delayed start should we ever need to implement due to inclement weather.
Delayed start time-9:00 am
This would mean all times (bus routes, teacher, student & staff arrival times, etc.) would be pushed back by 1.5 hours. Ex. If a student is picked up by the bus normally at 6:55 am, they would now be picked up at 8:25 am. If parent drop off time usually starts at 7:10 am on a normal day, it would now be 8:40 am. Students will still be offered breakfast and lunch, times will be adjusted as needed.
Schedules will reflect students (middle & high) attending every hour that day for an equal amount of time, or that particular daily schedule (elementary students) with time altered to represent the amount of time in those areas for that day.
Dismissal time will remain as normal.
With all the recent severe weather days, we wanted to look at a simple yet effective plan. The delayed start allows Cameron Parish Schools to keep student and staff safety a priority but also ensures minimal disruption and loss of instructional minutes to the school day.
Should it be necessary to implement a delayed start due to weather, parents, students, teachers, and staff will be notified with as much advance notice as possible (our goal would be to notify the night before).

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Mission Statement

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